The Dirt

By dave rock

Confessions of an adult talent agency

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Video Killed the Centerfold:

Why Print is Dead & Video is King...

We’re often ask “Can I just do photos?” Unfortunately, if you want to make any substantial money in the business, the answer to that question is “No” and here’s why:

Since the popularity of the Internet, the days of fans flocking to magazine stands to purchase hot photos of their favorite star is all but extinct. Even for the icon Playboy magazine, which for decades has been displaying pictorials of the world’s most beautiful women. Playboy has been unable to revive that trend and stay alive in the industry.

Fans now consume the majority of their porn online. Paper magazines have now evolved into the digital age, companies are now able to bring the talent to life in videos. So, while shooting strictly photos of a model used to be a money making venture for the industry, today, greater than 95% of all adult photo content is accompanied with videos as well. If you’re truly serious about making money in the adult industry, you must be okay with shooting videos.