The Dirt

By dave rock

Confessions of an adult talent agency

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The Inconvenience of “Ink”:

What if I Have Tattoos? 

Tattoos are among the most frequent types of body modifications; in actuality, it’s extremely common for models to have questions about where the line is drawn regarding this issue. While the answer varies for each production company, there are a few general guidelines that apply to most circumstances.

Size Does Matter — Not all tattoos are created equal — and you won’t be turned down solely for having a body modification. Many models have very small, discreet tattoos, of which most producers don’t even bat an eye. Easily concealable wrist, neck, and ankle tattoos are generally not an issue! Usually if the tattoo can be covered up by makeup, jewelry, or clothing, it isn’t problematic.

If you already have tattoos, do not let that stop you from trying to make your mark in the adult industry. There is a wide array of performers that have small, medium, or even large tattoos, whom have made quite the career from themselves. Typically, these models need to bring more to the table than your average non-tatted model. The tatted models that thrive in the adult industry have expressed very strong performer skills, presented themselves professionally on set, and have built a reputation for being reliable talent that producers feel confident in re-booking.

Motley Models caters to diversity. The ability to network with shooters that accept, and sometimes prefer the unique look of tattoos, which opens-up even more opportunities for tatted models to explore. Motley provides the necessary resources to allow for networking with verified partners, organically marketing yourself, and growing your successful career, all at your fingertips!