The Dirt

By dave rock

Confessions of an adult talent agency

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Sex Sells:

But, Do I Need to Have Sex?

Absolutely NOT…

Although most studios do not shoot a large amount of solo content, there have been many successful adult models that have never shot a single sex scene.

Solo shoots are more competitive, therefore are more difficult to land. The majority of production companies tend to choose models primary based on sex appeal and performance skills. Solo shoots are typically given to girls who have the complete package. Models that shoot solo content are in shape, usually free of any tattoos, and have the looks of models that are comparable in the mainstream glamour magazines.

Not only is the nature of solo content more selective, the availability of solo shoots are significantly less than B/G (Boy/Girl) scenes, simply because the demand is not as high for masturbation porn. You should NEVER perform acts that you are uncomfortable with, however, keep in mind, if you minimize the type of work you’re open to, this will severely hinder your ability to stay busy and be booked as often.