The Dirt

By dave rock

Confessions of an adult talent agency

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New Girls Wanted:

But Do I Need Experience?

Whether you are simply curious, or seriously considering a new career, you might be wondering what it takes to star in adult films. A simple online search of popular pornstars can bring on a wave of uncertainty when photos like deepthroating, double penetration, and crazy sex positions pop-up in the search engine results. However, contrary to popular belief, porn does not require any experience! The porn industry is always looking for fresh faces; brand new models from all backgrounds are constantly entering the business.

Beware of These Scams…

Porn is entry level; this means legitimate jobs will never perform an assessment by requiring you to “audition” using sexual acts.

Typically, models do not start their careers doing anal, double penetration, gangbangs, or other extreme scenes.  Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about those type of scenes, if they do not appeal to you.

You always have the option to say “NO”, to any type of content with which you feel uncomfortable. However, the more you are open to, the more modeling shoots for which you will potentially qualify. Ultimately, if you’re a sexual person with a good attitude, then you’re probably in the right place.