The Dirt

By dave rock

Confessions of an adult talent agency

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Looks That Kill:

The “Girl Next Door” Look is All the Hype...

Typically, production companies gravitate towards a “girl next door” look. This means there’s a strong preference for girls to look pure and natural. Models that have no/minimal tattoos or piercings are preferred over models that have body modifications.

A “natural” body is one that has not been altered by tattoos, piercings, or cosmetic procedures. These types of modifications tend to remove some of the desired innocence and may potentially age a model’s looks, hindering the possibility of portraying teen/college roles in shoots. For models old enough to play the role of a “MILF” (Usually ages 30+), cosmetic surgery is more acceptable, but natural is always preferred.

If you already have body modifications, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get work in the adult industry. However, it will be more challenging to earn income that is comparable to models without these alterations/limitations.  Consider this, as you are venturing into the industry; opt-out of any potential tattoos, until you have decided if you truly want to maximize your earning potential.

“Confidence comes naturally with success. But, success comes only to those who are confident.” ZZ