The Dirt

By dave rock

Confessions of an adult talent agency

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Hell On High Heels:

The Importance of Being Easy To Work With...

Your shoots have various facets to them, of which you may not be aware. On some occasions, locations are reserved, make-up artists hired, along with additional talent being hired, etc. If you are late, you set back an entire crew, costing time and money.

ALWAYS be on time! Present yourself as a professional; be respectful of everyone’s time by arriving on set at the correct time and ready to shoot. Respect begins with the proper attitude – regardless of your rise in fame, remain humble and don’t be bossy!  No one enjoys being around those who are chronically moody, complaining or have an attitude.

Remember: If you’re difficult to work with or don’t respect people’s time, you are hurting your ability to secure a lucrative career.