The Dirt

By dave rock

Confessions of an adult talent agency

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Being Dirty Isn’t Always Sexy:

Stay Clean for Your Scenes...

Know the industry standard for expected hygiene on set. Cleanliness is not just for yourself, it affects everyone on set!

Follow These Guidelines EVERY Time You Have a Shoot:

  • Pack your bag according to the Shoot Bag Checklist.
  • Shower the morning of your shoot, and shave the night before.
  • Shaving the night before allows razor bumps or ingrown hairs to suppress before arriving to set.
  • If your hair grows fast and you feel the need to shave the morning of, take precaution with proper shaving cream.

Avoid Working with Viral or Bacterial Infections, Even If You Believe It’s Something Minor!

  • ‍Failure to do so could cause others on set to become sick. Your immune system becomes compromised the moment you become sick!
  • This can make you more susceptible to germs you may be exposed to on set, thus providing a greater opportunity to develop additional infections.

Don’t Be Smelly “Down There” … Seriously.

  • It is your decision if you want to douche before a shoot (You will never be forced).
  • You will be expected to be odor-free and clear of any vaginal discharge.
  • Some discharge is normal and nothing to be embarrassed about but is generally not acceptable for professional photos.
  • Feminine wipes are an alternative to douching, as they are pH balanced and will not cause irritation.

You Can Still Be Clean on Your Period!

  • If you are menstruating, producers will expect you to insert makeup sponges to make any bleeding undetectable.
  • Many girls shoot on their period, and there is no need to feel embarrassed.
  • You are responsible for having these sponges in your shoot bag, as they usually aren’t available on set.

Make Your Breath Fresh!

  • Brush your teeth the morning of your shoot.
  • It’s a good idea to bring a travel size toothbrush and tooth paste to set, considering the average time from your morning routine to actual filming is over two hours.
  • Mints, gum, and breath spray are also very important!

Helpful Resource:

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