The Dirt

By dave rock

Confessions of an adult talent agency

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Arriving to The Set with Bedhead:

No Bad Hair Days on the Set - Please!


Check to see if a hair stylist is provided.

If you are having your hair done at the shoot, arrive with clean, dry hair.

Keep It Simple:

  • If you are doing your own hair for a shoot, keep it simple.
  • Wear your hair how you would if you were going out.
  • The key is to have polished, professional looking hair.

Show Up Prepared for Anything:

  • Bring hair styling tools/products with you to shoot even if you are having hair and makeup provided.
  • Depending on the shooter, they may want you to touch up in-between takes.


Don’t Show Up with Pink Hair:

  • Most importantly you should NEVER arrive to set with a crazy hair color. (Pinks, blues, purples, etc.)
  • Therefore, the color should either be natural or colored naturally.
  • Highlights are okay as long as the look is natural.

Wait Until the Last Minute to Put in Your Extensions:

  • Hair extensions are a great option for girls with short hair or those who want versatility.
  • If you choose to use extensions, put them in before you arrive to set EVEN IF YOU HAVE A MAKEUP ARTIST.
  • Most makeup artists will not put in your extensions for you.

Remember: It is better not to take the risk of assumption.