The Dirt

By dave rock

Confessions of an adult talent agency

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#039 Aften Opal – A Rare Breed in the Adult Entertainment Biz!

Aften grew up in California, and this small-town beauty tells Dave she was an excellent student and active in track – short distance and the long jump! Her claim to track fame was her fifteen-foot jump! In the last few years of high school she became distracted by a guy, and as would be expected, her educational endeavors and focus changed, hence her grades began to slip… After high school Aften started working at a hardware store with her Dad, working the cash register and doing inventory. Aften shares how her stepmother inadvertently introduced her to watching porn, which planted the seed for her to get into the business.  Aften and her boyfriend, which is now her husband are into swinging – so when they looked online into modeling agencies, it naturally drifted into checking out the adult industry – they came across Motley Models and the rest is history! She talks about the emotional rollercoaster she experienced once she began work.  Her first few scenes were for NET VIDEO GIRLS – she shares that she was a nervous wreck… Then come the suspicions and the eventual “pee on a stick” – she tested positive, went on a hiatus and eight months later – gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! Aften’s post-baby body was awesome, so she conveyed to Dave she wanted to continue on her career-path in the industry. She discusses her shoots for NEW SENSATIONS and TEAM SKEET – Warning: You may never look the same way at a Thanksgiving Turkey!  Aften shares her fetishes, which include spanking, choking (the tighter the better), hair pulling and biting! Her phobias are spiders and reptiles.  Aften’s favorite musical genre is music from the ‘50s, which she attributes to the influence of her Dad! Her food favorites are In n Out, Life cereal,  Snickers and Spicy Chicken Sandwiches. She is looking forward to the 2020 AVNs, hanging-out, and meeting her fans!

Instagram: aften_opal  /  Twitter: aftenopalxx

#038 Judy Jolie – Who Says There’s No Drama in the World of Porn!

Judy begins her podcast chatting briefly about meeting Dave while at her first time Vixen Halloween Party, and they also talk about her costume. Judy grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was active in school, but kept a low profile, and was a good student. She was involved with gymnastics and sports, so she was elated when as a Freshman she made Varsity Cheer, which was a major accomplishment. She shares about being bullied for her beauty, her stuttering impediment, and her fair skin – since she was Spanish/Puerto Rican, along with not being bilingual while growing up in a Hispanic/Mexican  community. Judy also talks about her therapy and personal growth as she grew up with her challenges, and how she triumphed through all the adversity. She divulges that she was sexuality active at thirteen and discusses her living situation with her freshman boyfriend and his family. Judy talks about transferring to a new high school and integrating with other students, joining the dance tea, her boyfriend body-shaming and becoming physical with her, the drama and the eventual break-up… She moves on to another high school, and becomes involved with the track & field team, joining the dance team and becoming totally immersed in that scene, only to find out her x-boyfriend was stalking her!! She shares more high-school sexual drama and antics…. Judy talks about graduating from high school and getting a job as a sales associate at Love Culture. She shares how she started watching porn and investigating online how to become a porn star. She discusses her experiences with a few different agencies and self-booking.  Judy chats about her first porn scene ever – she shot for NAUGHTY AMERICA. She shares how she told her Mom via text and her reaction, which was not good… Time heals and after several months she ventures back home to visit her family and reestablish a bond. Judy shares more about her Mom’s and family’s reaction to learning about her career choice. She discusses her vertigo and aversion to flying!  She also talks about her social media accounts and shooting personal content. She goes into detail about being an unscheduled stand-in on a shoot for DISCIPLES OF DESIRE! Spoiler Alert: There is a huge “squirt” scene!!

Instagram: _officialjudyjolie  /  Twitter: judyjolie_

#037 Leah Winters – Porn Star with an Amish Connection!

Dave and Leah chat about the exclusive VIXEN Halloween Party, her fun outfit and the party life. The convo switches to Leah’s high school days and growing up in small Northern Michigan town amongst an Amish community. Leah worked at Subway for a few years and shares her experiences, along with what “not” to eat! She shares about losing her virginity at the age of fifteen to a much older neighbor! After graduating high school Leah continued working at Subway… After turning eighteen, she moved to Oregon and began working at a Jersey Mike’s where she was a world class sprinkler!! She shares about meeting a special guy and when started getting too serious, she decided to enlist in the Army. During Boot Camp & basic training she reinjured one of her knees. After consulting some doctors about next steps and physical therapy — A SHOCKING SURPRISE — she found out she was pregnant!  Yes, this strong, vibrant woman did go home to Mama!! Leah divulges her thought process to become a stripper and how she chose her professional name. She also provides intimate, step-by-step details about her first lap dance and the unappreciative customer!! Leah decides to leave the world of stripping and discusses her thoughts, emotions and introduction into the adult entertainment biz. After reclaiming her pre-mom body, Leah talks about getting back to work and her hardcore threesome shoot for SWALLOW. Leah shares about her presence on social media and gives some insight into her content…

Instagram: leahwintersxoxo  /  Twitter: leahwintersxoxo

#036 Kamryn Jayde – Hot Pizza Girl Brand New to Porn!

Kamryn is a twenty-two-year-old flawless beauty and comes to us from the East Coast of the USA! She shares about her job at her local pizza parlor and how she slaps a ball of dough, makes hoagies, and salads. Kam switches to discuss high school, revealing that she was a phenomenal student, with math being her most favorite subject.  Kamryn chats about how she was always drawn to modeling and acting, so during the Summer of 2019, she decided to take the leap and get into the industry. She did her research, found MOTLEY MODELS and watched some of the BACKSTAGE PASS pods, and felt confident and comfortable moving forward with her decision. She chats about her living with a very religious family when she was in middle & high school and the influence that had in her life. Kamryn chats a bit about a few days in the country and farm chores! Kamryn shares her thoughts about what’s next, her lack of social media presence and her first week in the industry. Her arrival in LA was right before Halloween, which enabled her to attend several adult industry parties, including VIXEN’S! She met lots of girls in the industry and had an awesome time!!  Kamryn talks about how sheltered she was, not having her first kiss at age seventeen. She also chats about her first sexual encounter with someone she knew and liked. When she found out he was at a camp that she was attending it was on… they picked a random tent and she lost her virginity on the 4th of July! Kam divulges about her first experience with multi-partners at once. Kamryn shares that she somewhat of an exhibitionist, likes to liven it up – no boredom in her life! One evening she went to a strip club close to her new home and decided that she wanted to get up on stage and dance/strip, along with giving VIP lap dances!  She talks about taking a Pole Dancing class and her first experience with another girl, along with her preference for group interactions. Kam doesn’t really have any phobias, which is a good thing. She shares her latest reading adventure and the value of therapy.

Instagram: kamrynjaydeofficial  /  Twitter: KamrynJaydeX

#035 Naomi Swann – Welcome Back Penthouse Pet ~ September 2019!

No one ever donned a schoolgirl outfit like the magnificent Naomi Swann! She begins by reflecting back on her high school days at a military boarding school academy, where she wore a military uniform! Dave and Naomi chat a little about the history of adult magazines, which parlays into a discussion about her current PENTHOUSE title and the behind the scenes of the glamorous shoot! Dave gives a shout-out to MS. SAM PHILLIPS… They talk about Naomi’s European shoots for VIXEN, BLACKED and TUSHY! She shares details about a very private shoot in France – a sexy threesome while in a secluded natural pool under a waterfall!! Naomi shares her sexventures while doing a shoot in Greece! She chats about a boy/girl/girl/girl shoot on the beach, and how in the early morning hours, they took a boat out to a secluded island, and how with only one towel and sand that was actually painful tiny rocks, they were all able to pull off a phenomenally successful shoot! Naomi reveals what she did on her off-time and the awesome opportunity to explore the island. As soon as she got back from Greece, she was shooting a scene for TUSHY – there is no stopping this Motley girl!  Naomi discusses in detail her shoot for GIRl GIRL, where she has the good fortune to show off her acting chops for the Halloween release – PARANORMAL!  Dave gives a shout-out to PRIMAL FETTISH, and Naomi expresses her affection the fetish industry and has quite a following. She chats about a taboo robot scene, fun-antics, and a sensual coconut oil bath that went from girl/girl to boy/girl/girl! Naomi has posted some behind the scenes video on her SNAPCHAT. . Miss Swann also describes in intimate details about a mesmerizing Tantric Massage and her ultimate Happy Ending! The conversation turns to her content on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat accounts, along with her My Clips for Sale Store to access her fabulous fetish clips. Naomi shares her love for reading and her current obsession! The author, Neal Stephenson is her current favorite, as she embellishes his current speculative fictional novel — Fall; or, Dodge in Hell. Naomi also gives a great overview of the HBO mini-series Chernobyl. She dishes on her ideas for an awesome Trick or Treat Halloween costume!  Stay tuned for more about this lover of everything Game of Thrones!

Twitter: naomi_swann  /  Instagram: naomi_swann1

#034 Izzy Lush – Columbian Beauty Takes U.S. by Storm!

Columbian beauty Izzy Lush discusses her childhood and growing up in an ultra-conservative country… She shares that as a child, she was a bully and used sarcasm and joking as her tools. She was raised in an upper middle-class family and was an excellent student. Miss Lush chats about her long-term relationships with boyfriends and what she does in her “single” lady time. She shares intimate details about her sexuality and physically limitations. Izzy divulges intimate details about her body, passions, and having orgasms. Note: her Hitachi is a “him”! Izzy talks about post-high school education and her dabbling into political science, but after two-semesters she tells how she eventually lost interests in the subject. After watching the movie LOVE, she decided she wanted to get into the adult industry… She researched the industry and ultimately moved to North Carolina, USA to live with an Uncle and pursue her career.  Izzy signed with Motley and her career took off, shooting with the best in the business. Her inaugural scene was an anal video for TUSHY.  Miss Lush shares in detail about her first experience being with a girl while on set shooting for TWISTED.  Izzy and Dave chat about her social media presence and she expresses her excitement about being able to attend the AVN Awards in January of 2020!

Instagram: izzylush_  /  Twitter: izzylush_

#033 Scarlit Scandal – Six Months in Porn and Counting!

Scarlit has six months of the adult biz under her belt! She begins with sharing some gnarly childhood stories, one being about the time when she was four-years old and fell out of a fast-moving car from the backseat! As she’s rolling across the pavement, she sees a semi hurling down the road her direction!! She shares other stories about crazy happenings when she was at the age of four! Needless to say, she dreads the number four… Scarlit shares the intimate details about her lesbian shoot for LESBIAN ACTS. She also mentions her upcoming Christmas movie named SWEET SINNER – so be on the lookout for that! Scarlit goes into depth about her feelings when it comes to shooting scenes with guys and/or girls. She also talks about her upcoming shoot with GIRLFRIEND FILMS. Dave and Scarlit talk about her personal life, along with the importance of a strong support system and issues with content trade. They move onto to her shooting reality scenes for B.R. BANGER and the complexities of the shoot. Scarlit shares her outfit choice for the PORN AWARDS – literally rock‘in it in lace and a leash!! As for candy she loves Sour Patch Kids, Whoppers, and Blow Pops (60 calories each)! It’s a new take on to swallow or not!! Scarlit chats about her phobias, one of which Tropophobia – fear of holes!! She also has recurring dreams of her teeth falling out! She also talks about her culinary skills and her love for cooking and food! But when not in the kitchen, she’s all about having all her favs delivered courtesy of PostMates!! She chats about her Twitter and Instagram accounts – thanking her fans!

Instagram: scarLITscandal  /  Twitter: therealscarLITscandal

#032 Ellie Eilish – A Scorpio That Loves Big Balls, Anal Play and Wendy’s!

Ellie Eilish is a brand-new Motley Model that hails Houston, Texas! Ellie talks about her first few weeks in the biz, transitioning at Motley Manor, meeting Motley girls, and her introduction to AVN. She shares about growing-up in Delaware, Ohio and her early graduation from high school. Ellie discusses some of her post high-school jobs, one of which was working at Wendy’s for three-years! She also was a dog groomer, under the mentorship of her stepmother. Ellie chats about always watching a lot porn, prior to getting into the adult business… preferring raw, amateur videos. Ellie chats about how she got into the business, her first shoot prior to coming on board with Motley, and the feedback from her family and friends after the video went viral in her town! Ellie expresses her excitement about becoming a Motley model and Motley’s association with VIXEN! She shares her workout routine and her love for stripping & dancing to heavy metal! She converses with Dave about her blowjob scenes for MILE HIGH and JAY ROCK, essentially living her fantasy of the “younger girl – older guy” scenario. Ellie shares how she had sex with a buddy, while one of her girlfriends was hanging out in the same room – fulfilling her exhibition fetish. She is a self-proclaimed bi-sexual, leaning towards men. Ms. Eilish is a Scorpio and loves Astrology, along with reading, reading, reading!! She enjoys delving into books about psychology and life experiences. She shares her favorite positions having sex or masturbating, loving big balls, anal play and more! This girl is a truly passionate Scorpio!

Instagram: ellieeilishX  /  Twitter: ellieeilishX


#031 Aliya Brynn – Third Time’s a Charm!

Aliya and Dave talk about Aliya’s sleepover with her guy friend… She chats about their shopping excursion for the evening meal and her pole dancing expertise, his – not so much! They talk about her professional meeting with VIXEN earlier that day, along with some fun antics beforehand! The topic switches to squirting, while on the set of ATK GIRLFRIENDS, where Aliya leaves nothing to the imagination…She discusses her shoots for TEEN FIDELITY, the first shoot depicted her waking up to a rough sexual escapade, finished off with a cream pie. The second shoot for TEEN FIDELITY, which was a few days later – Aliya portrayed the scene as being  a passionate and romantic encounter! She also chats about her live-stream camming shoot with CHERRY PIMPS while donning her sexy cow costume! More about Halloween, parties and costumes… Dave and Aliya relay their time at MMD in North Hollywood, and once in the Secret Backroom, they sampled some new Logan premium joints with glass tips! Later it was off for fish tacos at Gastro Pub, served with an off the menu parking ticket!!

Instagram: aliyabrynn  /  Twitter: aliyabrynn


#030 Jewelz Blu – Beautiful in Blu!

Jewelz chats about her sexy attire, her vibrator and the blowjob scene during her shoot with MILE HIGH. She also talks about her shoot with BURNING ANGEL, where she was able to promote her unique personal image. Jewelz shares where she was engaged in a sexy-witchy striptease, which parleyed into a full sex scene. The backdrop was huge candles and a bondage bench setup like a rocking horse! Jewelz reveals that on her birthday, she did a girl/girl bondage scene called Bubblegum Dungeon! She was tied to a St. Peters Cross, that’s just a big X, and she was whipped with a crop, teased with a vibrator, and then got smothered with some big boobies! Jewelz likes impact play, she prefers being the dominant partner — as for the pain, she has her limits. She discusses her favorite roles as being submissive and worshipped, along with the already mentioned dominant.  Jewelz shares her love for reading, journaling and writing, along with her unique decorating style, which she calls her Rainbow Room.  Being part of the Rave Community, she tells us her plans to celebrate Halloween early at The Rave “Escape” experience on September 25th & 26th! Jewelz chats about her blue hair, self-confidence, and her special niche in the adult biz! Dave and Jewelz discuss her introduction to Greg Lansky of VIXEN, and how she was immediately signed for three shoots… Stay tuned! Jewelz favorite candy is FRUIT! As for phobias, she doesn’t like creepy, crawling bugs, and totally dislikes clowns!

Instagram: jewelz_blu  /  Twitter: jewelz_blu

#029 Mia Milano – The Vixen Angel is Back…

Mia chats about taking a refresher online course in math and her commitment to the class and prioritizing her busy schedule. After Mia had been named Vixen Angel, she quickly catapulted to world-wide fame… She really could have had any Summer job, but her love for the outdoors and nature led to her living at a lake resort by the Grand Canyon in Arizona. She also shares about Rescue Missions on the lake, where unfortunately she saw the awful reality of boating accidents, lost limbs and lots of blood! She shares about her pet tortoise, which she named Inspector Benjamin! Mia discusses her phobias – she detests bugs with shells, i.e., beetles and cockroaches! Reese’s Fast Break Chocolate Candy is her favorite guilty pleasure – feed this beauty anything chocolate & peanut butter and she’s in heaven!!  She also shares some ideas about what she may wear for her Halloween costume. Mia gets down to business and discusses her erotic adventures in the pool, in the shower, and on the toilet seat. She also shares intimate details of a mischievous hike she took — exploring nature and topping the day off the with a trail-blazing blowjob!

Instagram: officialmiamelano  /  Twitter: realmiamelano

#028 Diana Grace – Beauty & Brilliance

Stunning SoCal girl, Diana Grace is one of Motley’s newer models. She has been in the adult entertainment industry since December ’18, and currently lives in Vegas where she is a pole/lap dancer at Sapphire. Diana shares her routine for staying active and in shape, along with her  involvement in soccer, and how she could have played professionally, but that wasn’t what she wanted… Diana didn’t date in high school, which makes sense she was home schooled. She chats about her working for her neighbor’s hair accessories business. She shares the girl/girl experience she had with one of her soccer teammates. She also talks crushing on her older brothers friends. Post high school, Diana moved out-of-state and started studying personal training and nutrition. She also talks about her first serious relationship, and then later losing her virginity in a car! After that she started watching porn and learning from the videos. Being an athletic girl, Diana is like, bring on the stamina guys!!  Diana didn’t date in high school, which makes sense she was home schooled. She chats about her working for her neighbor hair accessories business. She shares the girl/girl experience she had with one of her soccer teammates. She also talks crushing on her older brothers friends. Post high school, Diana moved out-of-state and started studying personal training and nutrition. She also talks about her first serious relationship, and then later losing her virginity in a car! After that she started watching porn and learning from the videos. Being an athletic girl, Diana is like, bring on the stamina guys!! She explains that her love for the arts led her to entertaining in the adult biz. She chats about the first agency with which she signed, her nerves while shooting and breaks- down the acting during the scenes. When Diana moved to the Vegas area, she connected with Motley and was immediately signed. Diana share details about after signing with Motley — a foursome! Claustrophobia is in this girl’s DNA, especially movie theaters! She prefers reading, crafts and exercise to watching TV and movies… watching porn is of course a different matter! Diana doesn’t like to cook – she loves going out and getting Thai food and In n Out. She also enjoys traveling the world and shares more about drawing and painting.  Diana talks about where she sees herself in the next five to ten years… Diana shares her first experience giving a lap dance in the VIP Room, along with her mindset while at the dance club, and keeping a positive and energetic attitude!

Instagram: dianagrace.x  /  Twitter: dianagracex

#027 Vanessa Sky – Professional Porn Star & Podcaster

Miami beauty, Vanessa Sky is of Cuban heritage and is a first generation Cuban American. She starts-out by chatting with Dave about remodeling her apartment and how she’s goes into full “Bobbi the Builder” mode when it comes to home projects! When she was eighteen, she was visiting New York with a friend, and decided to stay, supporting herself by dancing & stripping, along with bartending. She discusses her first stripping experience, lap dances, costumes and nerves! Vanessa jumps back to her high school days, getting a car at sixteen, and her 1.5-year relationship with her first boyfriend. After they broke-up she did the “crazy” scene and disclosed some of her wild antics… Vanessa shares how she and some friends went to The Keys for a weekend, and while there she asked her friend, if he was okay with her hitting on his father. His reply was that his father is married to my stepmother, but sure, go for it. She did and it led to her being the “other women” for one-and-a-half-years! Fun Fact: She was in New York with her married beau, loved NY so much, that she decided to live there – sans her married guy! Vanessa reveals how she met Asa Akira at one of Asa’s book-signings at the Union Square Barnes & Noble, and how after returning the next day for another book signing session, Asa signed her Hitachi!  Vanessa had an aha moment while reading Asa’s book, this is something that she wanted to do! Vanessa moved home to Florida, where a friend hooked her up with someone in the biz, which led to her first porn shoot for Bang Bus. She shares the details, including that at the very end of the scene, they kicked her off the bus and she was standing naked on the Miami Freeway — she was very happy! Here she was on the Miami Freeway, naked on the side of the road and was thinking this is fun, this is great! Ms. Sky chats about working for KINK.COM, loving weird hardcore stuff, and describing the shoot with about 400 in attendance at the wild sex-party! Vanessa shares about her nine-month hiatus from the biz, while she chilled at home in Miami. Once ready to get back to work she flew out to LA, where she signed with MOTLEY MODELS.  She is very excited to be back, as Motley is to be representing her! She discusses her first shoot for EVIL ANGELS, and with one of her favs, Ramone — All good! Vanessa discloses what she has in mind for her future, leaning towards a legal career, along with her love for the library! She talks about her radio show and podcast on Sound Cloud at LUCKYSLUT.COM.  Vanessa breaks-down her podcasts and discusses industry peer pod interviews. She also discloses how she came up with her stage and brand names: The Lucky Slut!

Instagram: theluckyslut  /  Twitter: the_luckyslut

#026 Dana Wolf – Motley’s Newest Porn Star!

Motley Models newest talent is beautiful Dana Wolf!  This 5’9” — Wisconsin stunner is a mix of Italian and Scandinavian heritage, which is indictive of her flawless skin!  While not a Packers fan, she is a huge fan of Cheese Curds!! Dana shares that she started playing Varsity Volleyball in her Freshman year of high school, in addition to that she was also a cheerleader. She also chats about her promiscuity and being slut shammed in high school.  She discusses a relationship in her senior year, and then moves onto college, where she entered into another relationship. Dana talks about coming to LA and how she ventured into webcamming.  She also expresses how the porn industry has helped her with her self-esteem, along with giving her a sense of being part of a supportive family.  Dana shares how she got into the industry. She also discusses how overcome with fear she was on the flight from Las Vega to Florida, admitting that she cried on and off during the entire flight. Once in Florida, so realized that  she had signed with an unscrupulous agency, and after some negative experiences she got the courage to make a change. Dana speaks to her emotions when telling her parents of her career path, and how she was relieved to know she still had their love and support.  Dave is surprised to learn that Dana met Naomi Swann in Florida, and that connection led to Dana becoming part of the Motley Family! Dana chats about fetishes and her love for exhibitionism. She shares about having spontaneous sex in the Target dressing room, at the movie theaters (facing the screen — no less), along with being a member of the Mile-High Club!  Prior to porn, Dana was into kinky role-play with a knife held to her throat or a gun to her head, all while under the control of a masked intruder! She describes it as the ultimate turn-on!   Dana shares inside info on some fetish films she has shot, which were released in Europe. She also chats about liking rough play. Dave gives her some advice about that type of shoot…  Dave closes the podcast with giving some great advice on building her brand. They both discuss their attendance at the VIXEN party, along with the upcoming 2020 AVN Convention!

Instagram: real.dana.wolf  /  Twitter: danawolfxxx

#025 Emily Wills – The Maximum Ho-Ness Girl is Back!!

Dave and Emily talk about the numerous awards and accolades Emily has been presented during her first two-years in the biz. Emily shares how she and friend, Jane Wild, tag-teamed three cocks! She describes how they started out with their friendly “Go-to Cock”, set-up a meet and what went down. Emily shares stories about fan recognition and interactions, while she attended the Exotica Convention in Miami. She reveals a creepy fan experience, that turned out to be nothing more than a pathetic catfish incident! Emily discusses her plans to get out on the road and dance! VIVID CLUB in Houston – September 20-22. She can’t wait to get up on stage and tease the men, tits and ass time jubilee! Talk about one-line openers… Emily divulges that while attending a party she noticed a really tall, good-looking guy enter the room.  She walked over to him and proclaimed, “I want to climb you – I want to climb you like a tree!” After a flirtatious evening, they hastily slipped into the bathroom, where the real party began. Emily and Dave chat about the recent VIXEN Release Party. Emily shares her feelings as she watched the crowning of the new VIXEN Angel. They both reveled in the awesome‘80s themed event, including the Back to the Future DeLorean car! Emily talks about some of her scenes and some newly released videos.  Emily talks about her ten-guy blow bang – it was a massive facial! She talks about her favs and with Emily, size does matter. Dave gets personal and zeros in on her kitchen skills and nutritional intake. Summary: Ems has one hands-down awesome meal she can cook, she’s given up dairy and she’s a snacker! Emily converses about her mini-role on HBO’s Euphoria, E3 – 18 minutes in! She shares her thoughts about the drama and life-triggering portrayals.  As for phobias, Emily  does not like slimy, crawling creatures or reptiles.  She chats about not liking ropes or being constricted.  At nighttime, leave the light on! Emily talks about giving a blowjob while riding through morning traffic, with the top down in a convertible!

Instagram: emilywillisx3  /  Twitter: emilywillisxoxo

#024 Savannah Sixx – Life as a Penthouse Pet Superstar!

Savannah stopped by the BACKSTAGE PASS WITH DAVE ROCK STUDIOS to chat and share her 2019 August Pet of the Month PENTHOUSE Key Necklace, that she was honored and gifted with by Penthouse. Savannah talks about her excitement and induction into the Penthouse brand and her transition into her new dwellings and lifestyle… Dave provides a great overview and props of the industry. Congrats to Motley Models superstar Savannah!! Since Savannah has her own place now, Dave queries her about when she’s home on a Sunday evening, lounging and lighting up a joint – which TV shows does she gravitate towards… her favs may surprise you! Savannah shares some tales of her experiences in the kitchen, luckily there’s always home delivery as a backup! She discusses what she enjoys most about having her own place, and the weed dispensary near her home… Variety is the spice of life!  For Savannah, Kid Cudi is the man!! She also breaks-down a social marketing campaign she’ll be doing soon, where fans can receive an autograph copy of her latest PENTHOUSE spread.  She talks in detail about her recent shoot with REALITY KINGS, while navigating in a blow-up jumping house/castle!  Yikes talk about a balancing act, while doing the act!! Savannah also talks about her shoot with GIRL’S WAY, which involved skateboarding,  swimming in the buff, and of course girl/girl having sex! It was a great scene with an award-winning director, and yes… they smoked a joint afterwards!

Instagram: savannah6ixx  /  Twitter: TheSavannahSixx

#023 Mia Melano – Vixen Angel

Mia hails the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest, between the state of Washington and Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. She chats with Dave about her focus on studies and the school sports curriculum, which landed her not only on the Honor Roll, but Varsity Teams for both  volleyball and tennis. Her early physical maturity in the 7th grade, brought a great deal of attention from the boys and her teachers! Mia talks about how she began watching porn at the age of twelve and pleasuring herself in the shower. Lesbian sex had her hooked. While pondering what she wanted to do post-graduation, she came across the VIXEN website. She researched the company, and after noticing most of the girls on VIXEN were from MOTLEY MODELS, she reached out to Dave. Dave, Mia and Greg Lansky (Owner of VIXEN) sat down, worked out a contract and the rest is porn delight! Mia described herself numb with nerves as she ventured out on her first trip to LA. As Mia is sitting in a make-up chair, overlooking LA, the make-up artist was able to soothe her nerves. She describes her first scene and the exhilaration she felt after the shoot. Mia described herself numb with nerves as she ventured out on her first trip to LA. As Mia is sitting in a make-up chair, overlooking LA, the make-up artist was able to soothe her nerves. She describes her first scene and the exhilaration she felt after the shoot. Shooting porn for VIXEN was much better than she could have ever imagined, and she was somewhat surprised that the experience was so professional. She talks about her fabulous adventures in France, along with being crowned a VIXEN Angel. Mia discusses her retirement from the porn biz and her future. After kicking ass in the biz, she decided to continue her academic studies and is attending college in Colorado, along with dabbling in adult content on +AddFriends. Mia talks with Dave about recently shooting content for +AddFriends with Savannah Sixx and Scarlett Sage – fun times.  Mia will be pursuing modeling and acting, along with periodic guest interviews on Back Stage Pass with Dave Rock!!

Instagram: officialmiamelano. /  Twitter: realmiamelano

#022 Paisley Bennett – Graffiti & Recording Artist Porn Star!

Philadelphia beauty Paisley Bennett joins Dave for an artful talkfest! They start out chatting about the Eagles winning the Super Bowl, the celebration parade and sports. The conversation quickly moves to when she first began to explore her sexuality, which could have been prompted by her fourth-grade teacher making a verbal observation, “I wonder what you’d look like without your clothes on?” That triggered her thought process, along with finding her Mom’s sex toys and porn videos!! Paisley shares how she plays chess and was a track star in high school, which resulted in her going to National. She also still loves to play Lacrosse and soccer. Paisley participated in the school choir, and that experience led to the desire to write her own music and become a recording artist. She shared this passion with her family, who was very supportive, she packed her bags, loaded her car and drove from Philly to LA! Once in LA she stayed with a friend and worked at a few music video and media production companies, including Capitol Records.  One of Paisley’s friends is in the adult industry and she introduced Paisley to the biz; she signed with Motley and started shooting scenes. She shares her pre-shoot jitters before her first three shoots with NET VIDEO GIRLS. Paisley explains the balance on being in the moment and being aware that cameras were filming. Everything turned out beautifully and she loves her decision for her dual-career choice, coincidently her new recording was released on iTunes the same week! PB hasn’t told her family yet, but most of her circle of friends know and are totally supportive. Paisley describes her music genre as alternative-pop, with a vibey feel; her sound has been likened to Halsey. Paisley’s recording artist name is Taylor Reese, just say Alexa play songs by Taylor Reese and BAM! Keep your eyes on this stellar performer — her tandem star is quickly rising!

Instagram: paisleyxbennett  /  Twitter: paisleybennettx

#021 Emma Starletto – The Kinky Porn Star and Her Journal!

Exercise enthusiast, Emma Starletto visits the BSP Studio and chats with Dave about her daily workout & stretch routine. This flawless Phoenix beauty started gymnastic at an early age, and how her love for that parlayed into cheerleading from middle school through high school… She discusses journaling from an early age, along with her sexually charged freshman year! Emma shares a few job experiences from working in a pizzas parlor to a management position at Jamba Juice! She reveals the awesome camaraderie the girls in the industry share and what a positive experience her career choice has been. Emma talks about her first porn scene and giving her first BJ!  She discloses intimate details about her shoots with BLACKED, HOOKUP HOTSHOT, and MISSAX. Emma expresses her desire to engage in anal sex — so stay tuned!

 Instagram: emmastarletto  /  Twitter: Estarletto

#020 Megan Holly – Horny Bisexual Porn Star!

Newbie, Megan Holly comes to us from Colorado… This beauty discusses her school days, along with her love of reading from her growing adult book collection!!! She also acquires adult magazines, movies and sex toys! Megan shares how she is a compulsive shopaholic when it comes to sex stores. She talks music, rating the country genre as her #1 go to. She candidly discusses watching porn in high school, her sexual escapades, and her blog about her sexual fantasies. She chats about her job at a pizza parlor and having a crush on a guy that worked alongside of her… Megan gives a lot of excellent advice to girls that are pondering about getting into the adult biz. She goes into details about her “Lush Toy” & Webcamming and how both rock her world! Talk about spontaneity… now, we’ve all heard about the Mile-High Club, but Megan puts a new twist on it by having sex in a movie theater restroom stall! Did someone say: “Enter-Mission”! She chats about her desire for a five-guy Glory Hole scene. Megan is absolutely compelling, so be sure and checkout her podcast!

Instagram: meganholly00  /  Twitter: meganholly00

#019 Aliya Brynn – A Porn Star’s … Porn Star!

Aliya drops in and shares her thoughts about her first few shoots and first thirty-days in the adult biz. She chats about killing time by deciding to masturbate in front of a chat room full of guys on OMEGLE. Aliya candidly talks about how anxious she was about her first scene, and how a makeup artist soothed her pre-shoot nerves. She discusses her shoot for NVG, and how she is a savage screamer and likes to engage in xxx-rated nasty-talk during scenes! Aliya briefly talks about how she loved her bondage shoot for FM CONCEPTS, along with her shoot for SWALLOW SALON/AMATEUR ALLURE. She comments on her boy/girl shoots for TEAM SKEET, and NOVELLE, admitting she thoroughly loved the sexy plots with onset stepsister, stepbrother and incestuous daddy! Aliya gives a shout-out to HUSTLER/BARLEY LEGAL, a shoot she totally enjoyed! She delves into the reaction of her family when they found out about her career choice. Aliya closes the podcast sharing her girl/girl fantasy that she’d like to shoot for GIRLSWAY!! Stay posted to see if she turns her wild fantasy into a steamy reality…

Instagram: aliyabrynn  /  Twitter: aliyabrynn

#018 Chanel Grey – 51 Shades of Grey Porn Star!

Chanel Grey chats about her gym workout apparel, her routine and the looky-loo’s, that can sometimes be an annoyance. She was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Arizona when she was five years-old and ended-up spending her childhood years there. She also discusses her involvement with running short-distant in track while in high school. She played the bright bass, where she was assigned first-chair and went on to excel to the second-chair position in honors orchestra. She talks about dating in high school, losing her virginity and watching porn, which began at age nine! After both her parents passed away, she went to live with her very strict grandmother, it was a difficult time, which eventually lead to her emancipation at age sixteen… Chanel ended-up dropping out of high school in her junior year and she chats with Dave about her jobs and some sexy Skyping to supplement her income. She talks about her baby-steps journey into the porn biz, and shockingly chats about her fetish for knife-play, along with getting ready for her first anal sex scene. Check out beautiful Chanel as she shares her many shades of Grey!

Instagram: thechanelgrey  /  Twitter: chanelgrey18

#017 Brooklyn Gray – Hypersexual Porn Star!

Floridian beauty and workout guru Brooklyn Gray talks about what she does to keep her bad-ass bootie, bad ass! Brooklyn went to a performing arts high school to study musical theater so that she could hone the skills that fueled her passion for acting, singing and dancing. She candidly chats about her sex-appeal, her 4.0 GPA, dating in high-school – one guy for a few years – “no hoeing-around…” After high school she moved to Chicago and she discusses her participation in dance competitions, along with working at a Kombucha Bar. Brooklyn had her sights on the adult entertainment industry since she was sixteen and seriously began to pursue it when she  turned eighteen. She talks about her first shoot and how eventually she told her Mom about her chosen career path, and her Mom’s reactions to the news. Moving on, this nasty-performer chats about her fetish’s – Hint: the word “urinal” is tattooed on the inside of her bottom lip! Ah, no spoiler here… everything that she tweets about on social media, is reality for this hypersexual babe!  Brooklyn’s positive enthusiasm and her desire to “try everything” will skyrocket her to the top of the industry!

 Instagram: babybgray  /  Twitter: brooklyngrayxxx

#016 Naomi Swann & Kiara Cole – Double Trouble or Pleasure Porn Stars!

Naomi Swann & Kiara Cole stopped in for a quick chat talking about their day, along with donuts, phobias and creepy crawlers, including a pet snake! Dave shares a funny story about having to deal with a rat at Motley Manor! The conversation switches to fast-foods and who has the best fries, ice cream and their go-to cereal! The girls talk about their favorite recipes and skills in the kitchen or not!

Kiara: Instagram: kiaracolexx  /  Twitter: kiaracolexx

Naomi: Instagram: xthenaomiswann  /  Twitter: naomi_swann

#015 Honey Blossom – Anal Sex Aficionado Porn Star!

The gorgeous Honey Blossom delivers an amazing podcast, sharing stories about being that naughty girl in her very pretentious and elite, all-girl boarding school! While there she spearheaded some lively antics, one of them being — she convinced her girlfriends to take and send dirty pics to score some weed. Of course, the pics ended up going viral, hence her expulsion from the school! Honey casually chats about a time after she returned back to a “regular” high school, having an affair with her tennis coach! After high school she goes to a university where she labels herself the “slut of the university.” Honey also gives a blow jobs 101 instructional, and for newcomers to the biz, she chats about importance of having self-confidence with your sexuality. She also schools the viewer on anal sex and talks honestly about heavy drug use and then being diagnosed with schizophrenia. Since being on medication, along with keeping an extremely  healthy lifestyle, Honey has been an early stand-out for Motley Models, as she delivers upbeat, energetic scenes for the best companies in the biz. Honey also shares her gratitude to Motley Models for the opportunity and for the ability to tell her story on the podcast.

Instagram: honeyblossomxrated  /  Twitter: thehoneyblossom


#014 Ashley Lane – Naughty Fetish Porn Star!

East Coast babe and accomplished fetish model, Ashely Lane joins Dave Rock to talk about her wild ways in high school, her participation in the Environmental Club, softball, La Cross and cheerleading. She also professes how she’s always been a very sexual girl. After breaking off from her first, long-time boyfriend, she started dating some of his hot friends, giving steamy details. After high-school Ashley was off to Junior College to study architecture, and she also worked for three-years at Chic-fil-a. She discusses coming out to the West Coast on her own, going to a fetish dungeon, which piqued her interest in that genre. Ashley candidly shares her most enjoyable personal fetishes, how she dealt with some struggles before ultimately finding her stride and excelling in the adult biz. She’s shot for PENTHOUSE, HUSTLER, NAUGHTY AMERICA and THROATED to name a few… Ashley gives some awesome advice to girls aspiring to become a fetish performer. Fun Fact: She had her first orgasm ever, while having anal sex!

Instagram: ashleyxxx  /  Twitter: priebusss

#013 Aliya Brynn – Ooh La La Erotic Porn Star!

Aliya Brynn contacted our Motley Models agency, the same day we shot this podcast. We had just met, interviewed and signed her to the agency just hours before this recording. Aliya is a self-professed nympho-slut and talks about some of her first sexual experiences, while she was in high school. Talk about a domino effect… that lead to her sleeping with “nearly 200 men in the past two-years!” She describes in-depth some of her sexual escapades with clients at the club where she’s a dancer, also sharing her jaunts about town in a Bentley with her Sugar Daddy! Aliya depicts her ideal erotic fantasy and reveals some of the porn stars she strives to emulate.

Instagram: aliyabrynn  /  Twitter: aliyabrynn

#012 Winter Jade – Ex-Hooters Babe Porn Star!

Rising star and San Antonio babe, Winter Jade drops in to chat… She has some great stories about her various jobs, her time at Hooters and her secret liaisons with her female, and then male managers. Winter describes her sexual escapes working the spinning pole or giving lap dances at a strip club, back home in Texas. She discusses her special project with, where she shot some of her first porn scenes before joining Motley Models. Winter shares how she connected with Dave, and together how they came up with a game plan. Winter gives a shout-out to TEEN FIDELITY and 5K PORN, for such great shoots…

Instagram: itswinterjadeofficial  /  Twitter: itswinterjade

#011 Kiara Cole – Four-Wheelin’ Porn Star!

Kiara drops in for a quick story about a run-in with the law back home! It’s turns out she was riding her four-wheeler — where she shouldn’t have been. Did she talk herself out of a ticket?

She also talks about her girl/girl shoot earlier that day with CHERRY PIMPS.

Instagram: kiaracolexx  /  Twitter: kiaracolexx

#010 Jewelz Blu – Mermaidesque Porn Star!

Fresh-off a shoot with TEAM SKEET, Jewelz starts out her chat by giving Dave a step-by-step breakdown of her prep for her shoot… She also talks about being a transplant from Germany and her love for the German countryside. This honor-student not only excelled academically, but also crushed it in sports during high school. Jewelz chats about various jobs, hair colors and how she ventured into webcamming! She also shares intimate details about her work as a Dom for a few years, and then her transition into the adult business. Jewelz touches on her work & love for the Rave Scene and how she’s come to be a mainstay at those events. She describes coming on-board with Motley and the process.  She and Dave have an exchange about her passion for fire-dancing and fire-eating, and if that wasn’t hot enough – she reveals her role in a six-girl orgy! An avid reader, Jewels shares takeaways from her most recent reading of The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom. No doubt, this beautiful mermaid is swimming to the top of this biz!

Instagram: jewelzblu  /  Twitter: jewelz_blu

#009 Scarlit Scandal – Steamy Porn Star!

Small-town Floridian beauty, Scarlit Scandal shares some stories about her home-life, high school, including excelling in athletics, her first boyfriend and yes, her first heartbreak. Scarlit, participated in step, cheerleading, all genres of dance and track – making the Junior Olympic Team! She chats about her girl-gone-wild spree and finds her sexuality with PornHub as her partner… Scarlit openly discusses her homelife with her Mother, drug-use in the home, and her decision to leave. Soon after, she has an ah-ha moment and decides that she needed to get her act together and make some significant life-changes. She talks about some odd jobs and her path to Motley. Once she spoke with Dave and he gave her an overview of the biz, she decided to fly to LA and Boom — she knew instantly that the adult entertainment business is what she wanted to pursue as a career! Savannah shares what her first novice shoots were like on the nurturing set of QUASAR, along with the fun-energy while shooting for BRAZZERS, and how the staff carefully supported her through her scenes. Keep your eye out for several steamy videos that will be released mid-August ’19!

Instagram: scarLITscandal  /  Twitter: therealscarLITscandal

#008 Gianna Gem – Weed Connoisseur Porn Star!

Upstate New York beauty, Gianna Gem shares stories about her high school days, where she rocked straight-A’s and talks-up her love for track! She chats about her dating preferences, which is the bad boy, but nice boy type! Gianna was very interested in sex while in high school and has an overly curious penchant for porn. When she came out to LA, she loathed her 9-5 job as a receptionist at a beauty salon – boring! Gianna talked to her family and friends about her desire to get into the adult entertainment industry – everyone in her inner-circle supported her decision, which gave her the encouragement she needed. She goes into detail about her thought process while investigating the porn industry, and how she meticulously evaluated several adult agencies with the aid of a spreadsheet; listing all the pros & cons, and why she decided on Dave Rock/Motley Models to manage her career. Gianna gives some awesome advice for current or aspiring performers. When she at the gym, she does it all, along with hiking and swimming! She loves making big bowls of pasta, and candy – so her workout routine is a definite must! G is a weed connoisseur and shares her preferences… Ms. Gem has a plethora of videos – so check her out!!

Instagram: addthegiannagem  /  Twitter: giannagemx

#007 Allie Nicole – Blow-Job Queen Porn Star!

Preacher’s daughter, Allie Nicole shares what it was like growing-up in an ultra-religious family. Allie candidly discusses how she began rebelling in her early teens, committing a minor theft and living a sexually promiscuous lifestyle, both resulted in her being sent-off to an ultra-strict Christian boarding school. She also talks about an array of jobs she had prior to coming into the adult biz, including being a live-in nanny for a newborn baby! She chats about her transition into porn and how it affected her family dynamics. Allie discusses what her first scenes were like and her roller-coaster emotions. She discusses blow-jobs in-depth and how she has mastered her technique prior to shooting for SWALLOWED – Did someone say, it’s “go” time! Allie shares her reluctance to engage in girl/girl interaction, but now she’s gladly added girl/girl scenes to her repertoire… She also reflects on her relationship with Violet Rain, their shared living space and the nightclub scene prior to Violet’s passing; sharing some great memories.

Instagram: xx_xallienicole  /  Twitter: allienicolexxx

#006 Kiara Cole – Globetrotting Porn Star!

St. Louis native Kiara Cole talks about her high school years, and her job at the Toyota factory where she inspected truck parts! Kiara chats about her passion for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Blues!! On her path to porn, she shares what her thoughts and emotions were during her first trip to LA.  She discusses her first time attending the 2019 AVN Awards Show in Vegas and rockin’ different hairstyles! Kiara also shares what it’s like to shoot her scenes, along with her globe-trotting ways.

Instagram: kiaracolexx  /  Twitter: kiaracolexx

#005 Scarlett Sage – Award Winning Girl-Girl Porn Star!

Scarlett talks about growing up in a small Virginia town, sharing how she became terrific soccer player for her high school, along with the no-no… flirting with a teacher in her sophomore year – did it lead to a happy ending? She also chats about how she decided to get into the adult biz, along with what the backlash from making that decision has been like. Once in the biz, she discusses her rapid rise in the industry to become one of the top girl/girl performers, earning impressive accolades as: GIRLSWAY Girl of the Month, TWISTY’S Treat and becoming a PENTHOUSE Pet of the Month. Scarlett talks about her friendships with the girls who stay at Motley Manor and how she helps them on their life-path.

Instagram: scarlettsagex  /  Twitter: scarlettsagex

#004 Naomi Swann – Award Winning Fetish Porn Star!

Naomi Swann is a Tampa-based fetish model whose gone full-blown super-nova in the adult industry for 2019. But prior to that she shares how involved she was in the ROTC Program in High School. After graduating from high school, her aspirations of entering the military switched from a government position to the fetish entertainment industry. Before even stepping foot in California, she already had a fetish award under her belt for Best Fetish Performer Newcomer ’18, without even taking off a single item of clothing! Naomi is captivating as she describes how she has developed some interesting fetishes for herself, like being tickled, giving foot jobs, and intense role-play scenarios.

Since transitioning to porn and becoming a Motley Model, Naomi’s porn career has taken off … her first three porn scenes were contracted with Greg Lansky for VIXEN, BLACKED and TUSHY. She shares a mind-blowing, steamy, intense “role-play” story involving a real-life mysterious actor that she meets for the first time… both are in character. They didn’t break their role-play for the entire evening, and at the end of the evening she had the most intense sex of her life. Here’s how it all went down…

Instagram: xthenaomiswann  /  Twitter: naomi_swann

#003 Emily Willis – Threesome Extraordinaire Porn Star!

Superstar Emily Willis candidly shares her Mormon roots, talks about wild days back in high school, sneaking out of her room late at night to meet up with a guy, graduating early and some of her first jobs, including door-to-door sales! This was the platform where she found her competitive spirit. She shares her parent’s reactions to getting caught after she snuck out, along with when her first porn film was leaked to them. See how she schools Dave, on what she calls her “Maximum Hoe-ness”!! Emily also reveals some steamy stories on how she’s used her sexuality to get her way, her first lesbian experience, plus the intricacies of dating a couple! Emily loves everything sex, which is why she is a natural for the adult business.

Instagram: emilywillisx3  /  Twitter: emilywillisxoxo

#002 Natalie Knight – Porn Star with a Cardi B Connection!

Southern Belle and porn starlet, Natalie Knight chats about her high school years, drama/acting class, her first relationship and losing her virginity, potting plants at a nursery, and finally landing a job making cupcakes! Natalie discusses how she methodically researched the adult business and the legitimacy of Motley Models prior to signing on the dotted line. She shares her whirlwind first few weeks in the biz, including ending up on stage with Cardi B and how her nipple ring was a showstopper for her! A shout out to shooting experiences with BLACKED and HUSTLER, and possibly TUSHY in the near future! She also describes how her sex-life has changed since entering the biz.

Instagram: natalieknightxx  /  Twitter: nknightxxx


#001 Savannah Sixx – Penthouse Pet of the Month Porn Star!

Savannah Sixx is a true Cali girl, born and raised in Hollister, California. Prior to becoming Penthouse Pet of the Month for August ’19, she was a just regular high school student… aside from her secret lesbian relationship with her best friend! Savannah’s started accompanying another friend on road trips to San Francisco, where her friend checked-out strip clubs where she wanted to perform and dance. But Savannah could never bring herself to get on stage, dancing wasn’t her thing – as she says, “I can barely twerk!” Eventually she thought about doing porn, and the more she looked into it, the more her interest was piqued. She also shares her latest sexual discovery – The Squirt! Within only a few short months Savannah has racked up scenes with PENTHOUSE, GIRLSWAY, BARNVISIONS and BRAZZERS.

Instagram: thesavannahsixx / Twitter: thesavannahsixx