Keeping It Brief, Is Keeping It Legit!

A "Go-See" is sometimes required for a company to understand better how you look in person. A legitimate go-see will only require you to pose nude briefly and answer a few questions. A “Casting Couch” go-see is NOT associated with a real job and can be spotted immediately when sexual favors are requested/insisted. These arrangements, set forth by fake industry professionals, come without compensation and put you at risk for STDs. Always avoid these offers! Motley Models only partners with the industry’s top professionals. We NEVER host illegitimate production companies that have poor (or no) reputations.

A reputable director will NOT ask you to have sex with him or his crew. When casting, it’s common for companies to request nude photos or ask you to get naked. It is NOT acceptable (nor customary practice) for a director to ask you to give samples of your sexual performance. Do NOT work for people or companies that ask you to do this.

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