The Dirt

By dave rock

Confessions of an adult talent agency

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The Dirt

You Need to Know

What Am I Expected to Do:

A Brief Overview of Working in the Business...

If you are deciding whether or not to become a model in the adult industry, it would be helpful to know what is required for success. Production companies will shoot a variety of scenes, the most common of which are Solo, Girl on Girl (G/G), and Boy on Girl (B/G). Models are required to exchange clean STD results prior to ...

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It:

All You Need to Know About "Girl on Girl" Shoots...

Several Types of All Girl Shoots... GIRL/GIRL: Description — This is a lesbian sex scene. May include oral sex, strap on toys, and vaginal penetration with the use of toys. What to Expect — Scenes usually include one other female talent. You should be comfortable having sex with other girls. Typically, a shooter will take a solo photo set of you only (less than ...