The Dirt

By dave rock

Confessions of an adult talent agency

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Every Motley girl has that special something...
Learn more about what each of these models brings to our Crue!

Our Approach

Mötley Mödels was established in 2010, and from that day forward we’ve focused on building an agency that cultivates new talent, along with managing established stars and providing our talent with ethical guidance and vast resources.

Mötley Mödels holds an active talent agency license issued by the State of California’s Labor Commissioner’s Office.

We are a member of LATATA, an organization of licensed agencies working together to improve the talents’ opportunities, along with combating and exposing ALL unlicensed agencies posing as legitimate entities.

We regularly consult with the Free Speech Coalition, an organization also advocating for producer(s) and talent(s) rights, to help ensure a safer working environment for all.

Book with The Best

Mötley Mödels only books with reputable photographers and legitimate production studios. We’ve built relationships with every active professional studio in the industry today, and weeded-out the undesirables all to ensure you’re treated with respect and professionalism every time you step on set.

It’s not uncommon for models to do work and never get paid! This won’t happen with us  Mötley Mödels guarantees payment on all shoots we book for our talent.

Professional Guidance

Since every model’s potential varies, we’ll help you understand the in’s-and-outs of what can be a crazy industry.

We will work you to lay out a game plan, based on your comfort levels, to ensure you make the most money and develop a career of which you can be proud.

Mötley Mödels feels that a well-informed model walking onto a set, makes the shoot go smoother, and in-turn makes the studios happy. We provide you with detailed Call Sheets, which gives you comprehensive information about every shoot, so you’ll know how to prepare and what to expect while on set.

Develop Your Brand

A model with a strong fan following on social media is more valuable to production studios, which ultimately puts more money in your pocket. We’ll teach you how to establish your social presence and develop your fan base .

We’ll also assist you with creating and selling your content while building your personal brand. This allows you to be making money, even when you’re not shooting for the studios.

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