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By dave rock

Confessions of an adult talent agency

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Frequent Asked Questions

Whether you are simply curious, or seriously considering a new career, you might be wondering what it takes to star in adult films. A simple online search of popular pornstars can bring on a wave of uncertainty when photos like deepthroating, double penetration, and crazy sex positions pop up as search engine results. However, contrary to popular belief, porn does not require any experience! The porn industry is always looking for fresh faces; brand new models from all backgrounds are constantly entering the business.

Porn is entry level; this means legitimate jobs will never perform an assessment by requiring you to “audition” using sexual acts. Beware of these scams. Websites such as and cater to brand new models, and actually pay a premium for girls with no experience because they want to film her first scene.

Typically, models do not start their careers doing anal, double penetration, gangbangs, or other hardcore scenes, so you shouldn’t worry if the idea of hardcore does not appeal to you. You always have the option to say no to these choices when they are presented later on in your porn career, however, the more you are open to, the more chances you have of making money later on. Ultimately, if you’re a sexual person with a good attitude then you’re probably in the right place.

Don’t start alone. Representation through an agency is crucial. An agency provides the tools to make money as an adult model in a safe and efficient way.

Job listing sites are extremely dangerous for models. There is no vetting process to ensure the posting ads on these listing sites are legitimate. We’ve seen so many girls get into very bad situations from responding to online ads. There are many fake agents and other shady individuals who are always looking for adult talent to act as an “escort” or to do “privates.” Be warned, know your limits and stand your ground if anyone tries to convince you of doing these illegal activities.

Other unlicensed agencies are often shunned by legitimate production companies which limits the amount of work they can offer a model. These unlicensed agents are left booking with less professional studios potentially risking your safety and even the model’s pay.

Agency up and start our career right.


Motley Models has had a full background check conducted by the California State Labor Commissioner Board. All senior representatives of the company have been fingerprinted, their backgrounds thoroughly examined, business location inspected and bonded in order to approved for a talent agency license.

Here’s a link to verify:

Yes we do , but Motley Models has many impersonators. We get emails from models being duped all of the world. Never send photos or personal information to anyone stating they work for us unless you clear it with first. The very best way to apply with Motley is through this site only.

One of the great parts about adult modeling and shooting porn is the flexibility. Many models can work 6-8 times a month and earn as much as someone working four – 40-hour work weeks, at a minimum wage job. Many models love booking shoots that earn them $300 – $1K per-day, while maintaining school schedules or secondary jobs.

Motley Models allows our talent to block out times/days they’re unavailable, all the while allowing producers to book them according to their availability. This also permits talent to maintain current employment and personal commitments, while testing the waters in the adult business world.

That depends on many factors. The more you’re open to the more offers you get. We have had some models make as much has $15k in a 30 day period. In many instances we have signed models to $5k guaranteed contracts to they have a level of comfort that they will be making money right from the beginning

No problem. You are never obligated to work.

Typically, production companies gravitate towards a “girl next door” look. This means there’s a strong preference for girls to look pure and natural. Models that have no/minimal tattoos or piercings are preferred over models that have body modifications.A “natural” body is one that has not been altered by tattoos, piercings or cosmetic procedures. These types of modifications tend to remove some of the desired innocence and may potentially age a model’s looks, hindering the possibility of portraying teen/college roles in shoots.

For models old enough to play the role of a “MILF” (Usually ages 30+), cosmetic surgery is more acceptable, but natural is always preferred.If you already have body modifications, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get work in the adult industry. However, it will be more challenging to earn income that is comparable to models without these alterations/limitations.

Consider this, as you are venturing into the industry; opt- out of any potential tattoos, until you have decided if you truly want to maximize your earning potential.

Simply fill out the model form on the “Join Our Crue” page. If you have question prior to filling out the form, you can email them to or call our office at 818.483.6525.

Once we receive your application and choose to work with you, you are working paid jobs within 3-5 days.

100%. Every one of our 75+ clients are legitimate companies verified by Motley Models before you are sent out on a job.

All talent is STD tested every 30 days, but most companies work within a 14 day test window. No talent can work without a clean test. There are NO exceptions.

Mostly magazines & web sites. For those models worried about staying out of the public eye, it’s not really feasible to work in this business and keep it private.

We’re often ask “can I just do photos?” Unfortunately, if you want to make any substantial money in the business, the answer to that question is “no” and here’s why:

Since the popularity of the Internet, the days of fans flocking to magazine stands to purchase hot photos of their favorite star is all but extinct. Even the icon Playboy magazine, which for decades has been displaying pictorials of the world’s most beautiful women. Playboy has been unable to revive that trend and stay alive in the industry.

Fans now consume the majority of their porn online. Paper magazines have now evolved into the digital age, companies are now able to bring the talent to life in videos. So, while shooting strictly photos of a model used to be a money making venture for the industry, today, greater than 95% of all adult photo content is accompanied with videos as well. If you’re truly serious about making money in the adult industry, you must be okay with shooting videos.

Our team manages anywhere from 30-40 models at any given time as we like to make sure all of our talent is serviced properly. We are happy to provide references for any girl considering Motley but would like to talk to some of our talent who are actively working to get their point of view.

No matter how determined or confident a model might be entering the business, a lot of girls experience some backlash from family and friends. Regardless of how people react, it’s important you “own” your decision and feel confident in what you’re doing.

Family and close friends might be the strongest objectors. However, their issues usually stem from concerns about your safety. Proving that you’re conducting yourself professionally while following the Modelcopia© shoot guidelines and safety tips will help these concerns rapidly subside.

For any other haters, that feel their opinion matters about how you should live your life, block them on social media and then out of your mind. All public figures including athletes, celebrities and even mainstream actresses deal with negativity. Stay positive, stay focused and achieve your goals.


Absolutely not. Although most studios do not shoot a large amount of solo content, there have been many successful adult models that have never shot a single sex scene.

Solo shoots are more competitive, therefore are more difficult to land. The majority of production companies tend to choose models primary based on sex appeal and performance skills. Solo shoots are typically given to girls who have the complete package. Models that shoot solo content are in shape, usually free of any tattoos, and have the looks of models that are comparable in the mainstream glamour magazines.

Not only is the nature of solo content more selective, the availability of solo shoots are significantly less than B/G (Boy/Girl) scenes, simply because the demand is not as high for masturbation porn. You should NEVER perform acts that you are uncomfortable with, however, keep in mind, if you minimize the type of work you’re open to, this will severely hinder your ability to stay busy and be booked as often.

If you are deciding whether or not to become a model in the adult industry, it would be helpful to know what is required for success. Production companies will shoot a variety of scenes, the most common of which are solo, girl on girl (G/G), and boy on girl (B/G). Models are required to exchange clean STD results prior to shooting a sex scene.

Solo shoots will generally involve a photographer taking several photos of the model wearing multiple outfits, and may include dressing and undressing. These photo sets will often be accompanied with a short video of the model engaged in masturbation.

Girl on girl shoots also include photos and video. “Still” photo sets are taken of two models chosen by the production company. G/G are often hardcore, meaning the two women engage in full sexual acts that include kissing, breast fondling, oral sex, and sometimes toys.

Similar to G/G, the production company will select the two models for boy on girl scenes. The male and female performers engage with one another in full sexual acts that include kissing, fondling, oral sex, and sometimes toys.

There are more extreme versions of these three types of scenes, including acts of anal, interracial sex, and working with multiple partners in a scene. A model is NOT required to shoot these type of scenes and she should NEVER be forced or pressured into doing one. If you are comfortable performing solo, G/G, and B/G scenes, then you will have a solid foundation on which to build a career.

For years the adult industry has been a great way for individuals to support themselves and loved ones. It’s also common, for talent to use the quick and large amounts of money it can yield, to obtain a higher education. However, if you don’t give your educational goals the proper consideration, you may find yourself regretting your experience in the adult industry.

Careers that require extensive background checks like, law enforcement, politics or teaching are typically extremely conservative when considering people with an adult industry background. Porn, is probably not a good idea if any of those types of career choices are in your aspirations. If you’re fixated on a particular career in life, do your research, and make sure it’s still an option if your adult career becomes known to a potential employer.

Don’t panic! The number of occupations where a porn background has zero-effect, far outnumber the ones where it does. The Internet provides an abundance of affordable educational options for just about any career path you choose. There are also tens of thousands of small business owners who live very comfortable lifestyles, supporting themselves through online businesses and their identity is never disclosed. So don’t think just because you have worked in the adult industry you have no options.

While it’s unclear exactly how each individual’s future will be affected, it’s important to do your research on different occupations to make sure your past employment won’t be an issue. Once you settle on your passion, check your local state, junior and vocational colleges to determine costs, so that you may invest in your future and put a plan into action.

We do not represent male talent.


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